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meet dena

Born in New York City, raised near Washington D.C., Dena received her Bachelor’s in Accounting from Syracuse University. Her early careers were in banking and public accounting, which quickly taught her that numbers were not to be her life’s calling.  Dena then pivoted to IT entrepreneurship for the next 25+ years, working directly with people outside of her comfort zone every day. Dena's love of things that would let creativity flourish was the reason for the transition away from the tech sphere toward Rafte Photography. Initially, her son was her inspiration to pick up a camera; capturing  sports activities and documenting life’s memories through the Nikon lens. Then, other parents began to ask if she could do the same for them. And, she began taking holiday photos, senior portraits, and graduation ceremony images. Dena's passion for photography grew with each new client, and after honing her skills, she sold her IT company to pursue photography full-time.

Finding her ultimate passion took her on a winding journey of discovery—and that’s something with which her clients can relate. With each photoshoot she undertakes, she aims to capture the beauty of life’s twists and turns. She has found that when people genuinely accept themselves as they are, with all their life experiences, they are at their most beautiful. By bringing this perspective to photography, Dena connects clients with their inner strength and true beauty, and their best comes through with each and every photograph.

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